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Cold Calling: How to Bypass the Gatekeeper

August 30, 2018 4:46 am Published by 1 Comment

An Approach that Will Guarantee You More Meetings with the Decision Makers!

It is typically in the salespersons best interest to befriend the gatekeeper and other staff in order to get to the decision maker. But what if, as a salesperson, you need to get to the decision maker and their staff cannot know any details about your business venture? How do you access the decision maker without getting you butt kicked out the door by trying to go over the gatekeeper’s head?

The majority of sales gurus these days will tell you that cold calling is dead, especially face-to-face cold calling. If that describes your situation, be sure to read my previous article on The Do’s and Don’ts of Cold Calling. So, although this may be the case for a variety of industries, there are some that do in fact require employing this brut methodology in order to access the decision maker.

In my current role, I have been faced with this dilemma. I have always been accustomed to being friendly and open with all staff and best utilize those relationships in order to ultimately reach the decision maker however, now my business is of an utmost confidential matter and it is crucial that I do not share the nature of my business with anyone but the decision maker.

After getting the door slammed on my ass on the way out of a business a handful of times, I decided that I needed to revamp my approach.

One prime example that stood out in my mind was when I went into a clinic that was clearly emptyThere were no cars out front, no patients in the waiting room and clearly no patients in the treatment area. When I asked the receptionist if I could speak with the doctor for a minute, she hemmed and hawed and asked me if I had an appointment. When I told her no, she told me that he was VERY busy but she will check. She went out back and returned to inform me that he was so busy and doesn’t have any time this week.

This experience was akin to walking to an empty restaurant and the hostess asks you if you have a reservation. In sales, having thick skin is a MUST!

So what did I decide to do?

The Strategy:

1. Write a handwritten note card in a sealed envelope addressed to the DM

Before my next round of cold calls, I picked up some blank note-cards and envelopes. In each card I wrote a personal note:
“Dear ______

Sorry to have missed you today. I was hoping to catch you to talk to you about a business opportunity. I will be in town (UNTIL DATE OR WILL BE BACK AT DATE) so you can call or email me anytime. Talk soon. Sincerely,


On the top flap of the card, I attached my business card with an adhesive (double-sided sticky) so that the card can be easily removed.

The card is inserted into an envelope and the DM’s name is written on the front of the envelope.

2. Conduct cold call with envelope in hand and business card in back pocket

I show up at the clinic and approach the receptionist in a friendly manner and say “Hey I’m (NAME HERE). I have something for (DM NAME HERE). Is he/she available for a quick minute? I have something for them”

If they check and the answer is YES ( wohoo! ):

I put the envelope away and ask to speak to the DM privately for a minute and then give them my business card that’s in my back pocket and try to arrange a private meeting.

If they check (or don’t ) and say NO:

Give them the sealed envelope and ask that they kindly pass it on to the DM addressed on your card and mention that you will be calling the DM soon to follow-up.

Since it is addressed to the DM personally and hand written, even if the receptionist does not know you. the way you presented yourself is as though the DM does. For this reason, the receptionist or gatekeeper is highly unlikely to open the envelope or toss it out. Furthermore, mentioning that you will be touching base with the DM regarding what you have enclosed in this envelope will make it even more unlikely that it will be tampered with.

So far this approach has gotten me call-backs and appointments 75% of the time.

Surely much more effective than a phone call or random email!

If you are in this type of sales, I would love for you to try this and let me know how it works out.

Also if you have any other tips, please share!

Happy sales my friends.



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4 Follow-up Tips

11 Jul 2017 5:46 AM | Christine Chatham (Administrator)

The key to success in sales is follow-up. Many prospects get lost in the dust due to lack of follow-up. How to become a boss at follow-ups? Here are 4 tips:

  1. Use a CRM
    If you aren’t using some type of prospect tracking tool – you need to get one! using a CRM really helps keeps track of each prospect and where they are at in the sales cycle. You can also add as many follow-up calls throughout the year as you want. No need to try to remember it … the CRM does it for you!
  2. Use LinkedIn
    Stay connected in your prospects life through LinkedIn. Connect with them, their co-workers and the company on LinkedIn. This will help when you need a reminder to reach out to them. Or better yet, they post that they need your service!
  3. Don’t take following-up personally
    Many people don’t like following-up because they feel like they are bothering the prospect. Well guess what? Get over it. The prospect will let you know if you are really, truly bothering them. And when they do – don’t take it personally.
  4. Don’t follow-up too often
    Following up too often will annoy the person and you will get yelled at. Don’t reach out multiple times per day or even multiple days in a row. Be respectful of their time and realize that they are busy. However, it does take 8 contacts to reach a prospect so keep following up … just do it over a couple of months!

– Samantha, #TheSalesWoman

Being a saleswoman, I always tried to find a good sales blog. There are a ton out there … but for some reason I couldn’t find one that fit me, my goals and my struggles. Then I realized, most of the sales blogs are targeted to men. Salesman this, salesman that. Um, hello!!! What about the boss sales women out there?!

So ladies, take ’em by the horns and make them carry you like the queen of sales!

Here it is, my blog. I hope to inspire you to kick a$$ in sales!


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