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2021 – Happy New Year and welcome to our new and improved website.

Our Mission

Our mission, since 1985, has been to attract and support sales professionals in our community. The Professional Saleswomen of Nevada are committed to enhancing the sales profession by increasing the understanding of the art of sales, furthering self-development and offering support for women and men in sales. We have accomplished this by building a network of professionals with the purpose of growing relationships and learning from each other.

To better accommodate our members, we have updated our website to provide greater tools to compliment the new business landscape we are faced with because of the pandemic. As a networking group, we were challenged to create a networking opportunity without our large learning luncheons we are known for. Our solutions include utilizing our website as a central gathering place for our members, scheduling small 15 – 20 person networking opportunities (until it’s safe for larger gatherings), adding more online trainings and having guest bloggers and a Center Stage Member feature. Our goal is to have our website be fresh, fluid and a source of inspiration.

Additionally, we are looking for people that would like to get involved. We have a few Board Member or Committee Member positions available. Please contact Sandra at if you are interested in helping out.


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