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Michelle  is the Community Relations Director for Kramer Properties. A Reno native, Michelle is a lifestyle coach who loves sharing her passion for the Biggest Little City. Joe Kramer and Kramer Properties have been long time supporters and sponsors of PSN, we value their commitment to the community and PSN.

Kramer Properties is a multi-family investment and development company with over 20 year of industry experience. Their strategies include the development of new multi-family housing communities, maximizing cash flow at existing multi-family properties, and class A renovation projects.

One of their most recent projects is the Kramer’s Midtown Boutique Motel. Kramer Properties is offering a 10% discount for PSN members by mentioning PSN-10 when booking a room.



Kramer’s Midtown is a chic boutique motel located in Midtown – Reno, NV. The property underwent a massive renovation in 2020 and provides a luxurious place to stay near all of the action in Midtown. At Kramer’s Midtown, guests are walking distance to some of the best dining, entertainment and shopping that Reno has to offer.














Another exciting feature of Kramer’s Midtown Boutique Motel is the VIP Concierge Services they offer. Read on in this press release to see what this entails.

PRESS RELEASE – 3/3/2021  

Michelle Perry-Roberts  



Kramer’s Midtown Boutique Motel Offering VIP Experiences with Concierge Services.  

Kramer’s Midtown, the new boutique motel located in Reno, Nevada, is launching a professional  attendant business this month called Kramer’s Midtown Concierge Services. By staying in Kramer’s  Midtown Motel, guests will gain access to the concierge services. This will allow visitors to receive  personalized items for rooms, trip planning, and guidance while visiting Midtown. Reno native, Michelle  Perry-Roberts, is a lifestyle coach who loves sharing her passion for the Biggest Little City. From the best  shopping, dining, and traveling info, Michelle has your back. She specializes in public relations and  community interactions with guest services. Let her take the stress of your vacation off your shoulders  and enjoy your stay.  

The new boutique motel, Kramer’s Midtown, is located at 1607 South Virginia St. behind South Virginia  Plaza. The property was refurbished and revitalized in the heart of Midtown by parent company, Kramer  Properties. Joseph Kramer, owner of Kramer’s Properties, has made his mark on the Midtown area and is  

known for building unique properties all throughout the area. The new business venture, Kramer’s  Midtown Concierge Services, was created by Kramer to ensure customer satisfaction while staying in the  boutique Midtown motel.  

Have you ever wanted to experience your vacation spot like a local?  

From breakfast stops, to clothing boutiques, mural finds and coffee breaks, Perry-Roberts has the answer.  Michelle is educated on the history and present of the Biggest Little City, including surrounding towns.  She loves welcoming new visitors to the area and especially has a passion for planning their trip. When  booking your stay at Kramer’s Midtown, you can receive help through Michelle to finalize your vacation  plans within the Concierge Services. Michelle is here to set up your vacation with VIP treatment. She will  prep your room, make your dinner reservation, and be available for questions on the best spots in Reno.  Kramer’s Midtown Concierge Services has partnered with great restaurants, spas, and entertainment  companies that are offering special discounts to guests staying at the motel.  

It is no secret that we love the outdoors in Reno-Tahoe. With more than 300 days of sunshine each year,  the opportunities to get outside are endless. Long summer days mean hiking in the foothills or along the  Tahoe Rim Trail. Mountain biking in some of the most epic terrain, or chilling (literally) at Lake Tahoe,  can make up some of the best outdoor experiences. Did you know the Lake Tahoe region has the largest  concentration of ski resorts in North America? No matter the season, there is always someplace to explore  

that will make you wonder why you booked that flight home. With the help of Kramer’s Midtown,  discover Reno and Lake Tahoe activities such as snow sports, hiking trails, water sports, and wilderness  exploring.  

Come experience Reno with the help of Kramer’s Midtown Concierge to ensure a seamless experience  and discover some of the most amazing parts of Reno/Tahoe!  

For more information, please visit our Facebook page, website, or call us at 775-384-4324



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